Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daddy caves

Well, I did it. Took Mimi (23 months) to the Magic Kingdom even though I was pretty committed to not taking children to WDW until they were teenagers (my first trip was at 15 yrs old). So glad that I didn't hold on to that silly commitment.

Best part: while standing by the stroller with Scott, waiting for Krys & Cassia to get our "Adventures of Pooh" fastpass, I realized out of peripheral vision that Mimi was diving out of the stroller head first... then jumping up and down and screaming "PoooohTigg! PoooohTigg!" in a wildly crazed fit. She had spotted - 200 feet away through the crowd - Pooh & Tigger greeting kids. We wondered if it would be worth it to stand in line for 30 minutes so she & Waits could meet them, but as Cassia said, "that's why we came to the Magic Kingdom".

But later in the day, Walt's gig was up. After a 45 minute wait in the hot, hot sun to ride "Dumbo", both Mimi & Waits burst into tears when the ride ended after only 1.75 mintues. They were like, "whatthahell???" Hope that Mimi learns to hope for things that are certain - and not grow weary when paper-thin things disappoint.

I hope I can learn that too.