Friday, October 17, 2008

The Unscalable Wall

The other night I was talking with a couple of friends regarding our feeling that abortion rights was "the issue" that created the biggest obstacle for our votes going to democratic candidates particularly for executive offices. We wondered aloud how many moderate voters (who aren't party affiliates) would likely shift toward democratic candidates who were pro-life en masse - perhaps more than the numbers of pro-choice voters who would shift away from such candidates for the same reason. I find my self in agreement with the positions of many candidates (most often my own Congressman Artur Davis  who has potential to win many of these moderate voters in a run at the Alabama governor's office in the next term), but in reading positions, their positions on abortion policy give me pause.

That same night we also discussed the party line contradictions that exist and within which abortion rights is an element.  One party is pro-life when it comes to abortion, but will never consider elimination of the death penalty.  The other is pro-choice on abortion rights but against allowing choice in primary/secondary education.  These are to me examples of why I may never be able to die on the hill of any particular party (aside from the fact that any party may be in agreement with something clearly taught in scripture while at the same time be opposed to another teaching).

In light of our our current election dillema, consider this article by a Princeton law professor who writes in an attempt to shed light on the scope of Senator Obama's record and positions. Well worth reading...


kristen said...

I think you are right about that, I was acquainted with the son of a member of the House in college, and got the chance to have lunch with him, etc. and he is a Christian, blue dog, pro-life Democrat (Mike McIntyre.) I would love to cast my vote for him. The fact that he is a Democrat wouldn't give me any hesitation. He's a good man, with good judgment, moderate and fair-minded.

This election's candidates leave so much to be desired. UGH.

I don't think Artur's going to have a chance to run for governor in 2010. If Obama wins, he seems ripe for the cabinet. The 7th with stay democratic even if he leaves and the governorship can wait.

BB said...

Wonder how he'd fare as Sec of Agriculture? I do hope he stays with Alabama - seems he really does love the people of this state.